Shine Online with Launchpad

Launch Your Small Business into the Digital Stratosphere

A stage-based website service to build your business online.

Launchpad is a powerful starter website package that is designed to get your business off the ground and soaring towards success. 

What does it include:

– A custom-designed website of 2 pages
– Responsive design that looks great on any device, from desktops to smartphones.
– Search engine optimization (SEO) ready website build
– Google Business Profile set-up & tutorial
– Google analytics installed
– Contact form with map
– Links to social media channels

I know that launching a new website can be daunting, but I am here to help you. Think of me as your mission control, guiding you towards a successful launch and beyond.

In addition to my starter website package & subsequent phases I also offer a set of online tutorials to help you get the most out of your new website. They’re designed to be easy to follow and understand, even if you’re new to managing a website.

Your business does not need to stay grounded any longer. Let me help you launch your small business into the digital stratosphere with my powerful starter website package and online tutorials.

OR send me an email and I will answer your questions.

The Phases


The Basics

Safe, secure and fast hosting for your website.
Includes one email such as
*Does not include domain name



2 pages: typically french and english but can be 1 language and a contact page or service page
You have access to a online tutorial on what makes a great homepage with worksheets so you can craft the best page for your business. 
Google analytics set up
Contact form with map
Links out to any social media channels
Google Business Profile Set-up & tutorial



2 choices from:
– Blog page and post template
– 1 page of choice: E.g. service page, about me, contact page
– freebie section and email integration to grow email list placed in several places on website
[freebie could be as simple as a coupon or more complex like a tip sheet, worksheet etc.]


Blast Off

Page that was not selected in the above plan
Additional service pages with lead magnets
Email segmentation
Online booking
Speaker’s sheet & podcast outreach


Soar the Stars

Online Course/s
Membership area
Digital products – workbooks/books

Robina P.

I know next to nothing about setting up a functioning and user friendly webpage. Right off the bat Sabra had a series of questions for me to clarify what exactly I was looking for. Sabra was recommended to me, and right away she put me at ease and assured me that what I was looking for was possible and that she could get it done in the time frame I was looking for. She had a lot of knowledge at her disposal as to where to start, and within a week we had a landing page in place until we got the full website in place.

Anik V.

After a conversation it was clear that Sabra knew way more about what I needed than I did. She was able to explain things in a way that I understood and I really felt that I could trust her in this project. I was not sure that someone else would be able to understand the feel and vision that I had for my website. I have no hesitation on recommending Sabra for website building. She is very knowledgeable, has great insight and is easy and pleasant to work with. It was so easy to work with Sabra; she quickly understood what I was looking for in a website and made it even better than I could of thought possible. She has great insight on what works well and on how to avoid potential problems or questions that a visitor to the site may have.

May B.

Working with Sabra has really helped me get clear on what I do, who I serve, my brand identity and so much content inspiration that I never would have come up with on my own.
Sabra is truly phenomenal at what she does! She has this way of asking the right questions that get you talking about your business and then turns what you say into copy and content for your site. She’s able to see it from the client’s perspective and that is priceless when you are building a business and brand.After a conversation it was clear that Sabra knew way more about what I needed than I did. She was able to explain things in a way that I understood and I really felt that I could trust her in this project.

Jennifer H.

Working with Sabra is one of the best decisions I have made to increase the visibility online of my business, to attract quality prospects and to take some of the admin and tech work off my very full plate !
I received a referral from someone I trusted, and after meeting Sabra I was pleasantly surprised by her approachability and professionalism, not to mention competitive pricing! I have gotten a lot of compliments on my website and have managed to completely offload that task to a trustworthy, competent and efficient professional.

Lisa C

Sabra is a skilled, experienced and creative web developer specializing in WordPress websites. With an intuitive ability to see each client’s vision, Sabra helps entrepreneurs with all of their digital marketing needs. She offers comprehensive website development, e-commerce solutions and search engine optimization (SEO).


Dee S.

Sabra is not your ordinary “build a website” kind of person, diligence & perseverance are qualities high on her list. She’s dedicated to the big picture cause & takes steps to ensure all the connecting pieces work in smooth harmony. Her creativity is well beyond the average, after working with her for almost 2 years now, hands down she is part of my core team for the long-term.

Every package contains elements from the The S.T.A.R. solution. All the elements needed to get you get to your destination.

OR send me an email and I will answer your questions.

Frequently asked questions

How much does Launchpad cost?

Launchpad starts at $1200 + website hosting. It does include a 2 page website with a premium theme. Contact form with map [if needed] Links out to any social media channels. Google Business Profile Set-up & tutorial. Google Analytics set-up.

How do I make changes to my website?

You will have access to a online tutorial taking you on a behind the scenes tour on how to make basic copy changes.

I don't want to do all the phases.

You can do as many phases as you want. I do suggest if you are a local service providor you at least go to phase 3. This gives you a good base to build your business from.

What is the cost of the additional Phases?

It depends on the Phase. You may need to invest in a CRM [Customer Relationship Management] tool like Mailchimp. Some CRM have free beginning options and as you grow there are monthly fees. If you are thinking of offering a course then a plugin like Learndash is necessary which does have a yearly licencing fee. I am always transparent about ongoing costs before work is done. 

What platform do you build on?

I build all my sites on because it’s SEO-friendly, leading to higher rankings in Google. Plus, it offers flexible functionality with WooCommerce integration for eCommerce sites, and prioritizes security. You can also incorporate Google Analytics to get valuable insights into website visitors and performance.

Do you provide social media services?

In my other service The 5 STAR Solution I do offer social media services but for Launchpad I have partnered with a another marketing professional that offers social media services. This service is an additional cost to the Launchpad Phases.

What kind of additional costs may I have to budget for?

Some services you might need to pay for separately are Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, like Mailchimp, Mailerlite, or Convertkit. They’re handy for sending emails, but yeah, they usually come with a monthly fee. The cost depends on how many subscribers you have. And hey, if you’re into offering courses or memberships, you’ll want something like Learndash or Memberpress, which go for around $200 USD per year.

Do I have to progress through the phases?

I have created the phases so you can build your online business in a logical order. By doing it this way it reduces being overwhelmed with all the online tasks required to build your business. It also allows a business owner to budget their website growth.

What about back-ups and updates to keep my site secure?

I offer hosting that includes, security back-ups & updates. You don’t need to do anthing. You can also chose your own hosting but you will be responsible for managing the security of your own website. 

Do I have to do everything in Phase 4?

The Phase 4 choices are meant to further build your business online but you can choose one or many. I will help guide you to the best choice or choices for your business.

I would like to jump to Phase 5?

As long as you have done Phase 3 you can choose options from Phase 5. However, before offering course or membership having a solid online business base is very important. 

What businesses does Launchpad work best for?
This platform is perfect for local service providers like bookkeepers, accountants, pet groomers, tailors, professional organizers etc. It also works great for CAM practitioners, where my deep knowledge in Complementary & Alternative Medicine comes in handy. Whether you’re a nutritionist, herbalist, homeopath, Reiki practitioner, Jin shin-jytso practitioner, Theta healer, yoga instructor, or a physical modality practitioner like Rolfing or Somatics, this is a great choice for your business. Plus, Launchpad isn’t just limited to service-based businesses; it provides a solid foundation for any business looking to grow online.
I think I need more guidance to market my business

I work with a Marketing Professional that can help

What if I want to sell things through my website?

With your site, you can easily start accepting payments for services, digital or physical products, and even courses & memberships. I use Woocommerce for handling payments, and the best part is, it’s a free WordPress plugin for simple purchases. Now, if you plan to offer subscription services, you’ll need to get a yearly license, which is around $200 USD. Also, keep in mind that you’ll pay a small percentage of each sale to a payment processor like Stripe.

Are you looking for a done-for-you solution?

Attracting new business involves more than spinning up a website.

Build it and they will come, is only for the movies so I developed a unique system that addresses the main pillars of business growth from lead generation to client retention. I call this the The 5 Star Solution.

Rocket Your Vision

What is The 5 Star Solution? It’s your ultimate done-for-you package, combining a powerful website and effective marketing strategies. No more juggling different pieces of the puzzle; this all-in-one solution will take your practice to new heights.

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